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What is Enlightenment and at what capacity does it exist?
How to understand the word Enlightenment?
Development and Enlightenment. The possibilities of the mind at different levels of development.
How the growth of an individual affects enlightnment.

Reincarnation for Humanity on Earth
What is reincarnation? Is some reincarnation even possible and to what degree?
Viral civilization of the Earth. Who can reincarnate?
Six kinds of consciousness in humanity of the Earth.

What is the 'human' program of life?
How do we know whether we are going on the right direction when it comes to our program of life?. Signs and Tips — serve as pointers for the correct path of development, Gathering knowledge that enable the right path to appear within the program of life. This is achieved through cosmo energetic practices — and through the development of new technologies.

How can I stop the 'Internal Monologue'?
The mental body of the human & functioning of the brain on a new algorithm is essential. The spiritual work with the inner circuit can be helped using cosmo energetic practices.