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If I took initiation from Petrov in 2007 but did not receive the necessary knowledge during the time can I receive it again via training with frequencies?


I am often treated with a similar question from different countries that are more distant not just from Russia. Unfortunately you can only retain the proper knowledge by passing the attunement, relearning frequencies is something entirely different when compared to the gain of knowledge and this is not something that is often mentioned by different individuals who specialize in this area.

Our School transmits knowledge, together with carrying out work on attunement, we regularly hold workshops in order to build self-development, and pass it to our students. You can explore various themes within our seminars by following the link:

Therefore, we can share this knowledge with anyone who did not get them in other schools, as well as provide training in various areas of personal growth and development. Most people come to us just after such training, when, by having passed the seminar they regain the desire to search again.

As for the work of Cosmo-energists from other schools, here the situation is a little different. It all depends on what type of school it is. That will depend on whether it is necessary to conduct new attunement or not. There can be a fantasy-like theme that some followers of other schools are introduced to - one in the frequency block, one in the wilds of shamanism, or some even in the magical practices. As a result, no one moved to the most important and direct work of the entire system of Cosmo energetic practices - on an informed understanding of themselves as individuals and the possibility of this individual to work as an operator in a productive zone. Some individuals have not learned to take information from the subtle planes properly because of the misunderstanding of the structure of levels and sublevels in various planetary complexes. There is no understanding of the human gene and its information, what it is and how to use it, as well as false images and knowledge on which it is impossible to correctly interpret the information that is received. Individuals are attracted to such extraneous forces with a false understanding of what needs to be done there. And therefore it is useful to recall the words of Petrov V.A - Getting something does not mean learning it – learning it does not mean being able to control it. We are talking about energy zones and energy interactions.

In our school, all these gaps in knowledge are removed. The person is trained; we form a new vision and understanding of how to work with frequencies as individuals learn a more conscious use of the channels and are given the opportunity to understand their phenomena, symptoms etc.

To answer the question briefly:

- Engage in our school without hesitations.

- You can receive attunement again if the student is brought down in frequency or initiation into the so-called block frequency, which is completely different but not connected with the inductor of the Earth. This is just one of shamanic practices, that is not entirely correctly interpreted by followers.

- Also through Cosmo-energetic practices we can learn the various technologies and methods of work with both natural and human energy bodies, as well as acquiring comprehensive knowledge of many areas of life.

Head of C.K Schools M.Bezan

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