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What is robotization and zombification?

Robotization is a form of psychoprogramming, in which a person can no longer realize the degree of loss of their psychophysical health. In this case, the irreversibility of harmful processes is obvious to others, but the individual is powerless to influence these processes. The attenuation of the working connection between consciousness and superconsciousness leads, ultimately, to separation from the sixth field-energy level, which is responsible for the reasonableness of man.

Zombing is also a form psychoprogramming of the higher mental centers of a person, in which an individual can still realize the degree of loss of their psychophysical health and independently influence their program. For this, it is necessary to subordinate one's behavior and attitude to situations, proceeding from the realization of one's mistakes; common sense and higher focus.


Nobody after all thinks about what powerful program influences the higher mental centers that people continue to be exposed to, as well as what powerful energies, and how much power is spent on their zombification. By using our capabilities and knowledge of working with programs, we help people get out of the current state of "zombism" and prevent anyone from entering it again. Our work with people helps to shape the conditions of a future reality.

However, we must admit the fact that too often we come across people whose body shells are already empty, and no longer mean anything, thus are not able to solve simple energy tasks.

Details of our methods can be found on the pages of our site.

Determining your psychological and energetic status for the presence of destructive programs can be achieved via a diagnosis (possibly on-line from anywhere in the world).

We help with solving problems of any kind of mental, physical and energy states from anywhere in the world.


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