Contact work with clients

The center provides welcome everyone to undergo cleaning and wellness sessions and energy diagnosis. On the diagnosis determined by the approximate number of sessions needed for cleaning and patient treatment. Purification and correction of line of human destiny is in stages, sometimes courses energoterapii using psychocorrection human consciousness. This allows you to remove internal stresses and underlying clips in humans, purify the mind from fear and disease states of consciousness.


Contact work is the presence of a person directly in our office to carry out the work with the help of additional techniques used in energoterapii by a laying on of hands on the problem, painful areas of the body. Contact Work on the effects on the human energy system is 3-4 times stronger than the non-contact, so it is recommended for all patients for faster recovery. As a rule, we are approached by patients who have bypassed all doctors, for many months or years of suffering any illness or disease in a very advanced stage. In these cases, treatment is a course from one to four courses. Chronic diseases and heritable disease - treatment is courses. One course - 10 sessions per month (every other day), followed by a break for a month. Then comes the next course, also consisting of 10 sessions, etc ..

The negative programs that cause the destruction of not only health, but also the fate - they are solved by 1-5 sessions, depending on the strength and limitation.

Emergency assistance - Rapid correction of the nerve, and psychological depression, withdrawal syndrome suicide. This work is carried out and ON-LINE.

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