Energetic Diagnostic

Energetic Diagnostic

Cosmo School of Knowledge held as a part-time and remote energy diagnostics.

The advantage of full-time remote diagnostics are only in the fact that people can further our office to make a picture of your aura using aurokamery. aura photography allows a person to see those issues that you hear on the diagnosis. The photograph clearly your field of all kinds of traces of the Energy and defeats, in what areas they are in. Also, a person may see the density and capacity of its field structure, the quality of mental activity and the level of consciousness at the moment of life. This additional information is given on the color analysis of your field. Examples of diagnostics using aurokamery can be seen HERE.

Energy diagnosis is always individual. Predvaitelno person must make an appointment at a specific time convenient for it and if you are connected on-line system, then you must have a camera and a good support of the Internet for online conversations.

Diagnosis is made on the Russian and Greek.

When the diagnostic to other countries require simultaneous translator. At your request, we can provide services of simultaneous translation, payment of which will be made by you in addition to the diagnostic value.

What do the energy diagnostics?

First of all you want to see the reasons that led the person to certain problems in your life, be it health, financial problems or interpersonal relationships. In determining the reasons we say how many sessions you need to go through a person to deal with them. The reasons are different. They are karmic and acquired and, therefore, release dates, and solutions to problems are different. This person is told in the diagnosis.

Without determining the reasons that led the person in this situation can produce cleansing, but few people will be informed with what he needed to work himself into a period of purification. What thoughts it is necessary to control what lack of quality study that the monitor and how to behave in certain situations. All this we say to the energy diagnostics with the first visit.

Energy diagnosis in our school - this is not the diagnosis using a computer or other equipment, which gives you the result only from the fact that the program is incorporated in the programmer. This diagnosis by incorporating into your consciousness field structure only diagnosing and removing information from your fields on the forward channel analyzer through the healer. This mechanism is called clairvoyance reading information.

A photograph taken of you before the diagnosis, once again helps to make sure that you speak diagnosis. Very good to take a photo with people zamaterializovannym conscious who want all the "feel", to see and analyze logically.

Energy diagnostics relatives or close friends - is a photograph only if they give consent to perform the diagnosis. View of the field is not made without their consent. Children under 14 years do not need permission. Since the field of family structure is one to 14 years, the consent of the minor is not required, and the diagnosis can be made by parents without their presence.

Energy diagnosis in the field provided:

- Analysis of karmic rights program, the program of its life cycle, type of defects and analysis of current events in a person's life.

- Review and analysis of the quality of the thinking process, with reasons, and blocks in the subconscious. Note on the line is not a positive thought process, help in the realization of these processes.

-Analysis of having different kinds of bindings in the energy system, resulting in energy loss.

- Analysis of destructive destructive programs in the human energy system, changing the way of life and the fate of the line.

- Analysis of the energy centers (chakras), quality of energy through the energy centers. Goodness of holding power of human energy system through all the centers.

- Analysis of the physical body of problems in the energy level. Programs of human diseases, formed on the subtle planes.

From the experience of our long-term work we can say with certainty that the earlier a person will make energy rather than medical diagnosis, when all body hurts, but life crumbled or deadlocked, the easier it prints a line of his life out of the crisis. We enable a person not only to consciously participate in all changes of his life, we also give information to all of these problems can be solved.

Energy diagnostics School Kosmoznany held personally School leaders - M. Beza.