07/23/2017 Ireland, Seminar: "Solving Human Problems with the Influence of the Subconscious".

July 23, 2017

A seminar on the topic:

"Addressing human problems through the subliminal."

From 13.00pm to 17.30pm

Lecturer Margarita Bezan

Head of the Center for the Development of Consciousness and the School of Cosmo Knowledge in London. Psychologist,

Member of the International Professional Psychotherapeutic League, Progressor CE.

In our new seminar, we will consider the interaction of our consciousness with the subconscious, we will understand how they function and how a person can independently influence them.

From the research of scientists in this field it is known that the subconscious controls the muscles, bones, blood, the work of all organs and systems in the human body - hormones and the nervous system. But this is only on the level of the physical body.

It also has information about almost everything, the so-called collective unconscious, in the terminology of psychologists.

In the subconscious, all the reflexes of the human body and information can be read by the human brain in the form of intuitive parcels being preserved. But a person cannot always understand the signals sent by the subconscious. Therefore, having no connection with the information of internal plans, they makes mistakes in their life.

So how do you learn to hear and understand your own subconscious prompts, how can you solve your problems by influencing it? Our seminar is devoted to answering this.

We'll consider:

- how our consciousness is connected with the subconscious,

- we will give an idea of ​​intuition, how it functions, and why it does not give information at all times,

- we will understand how the subconscious is blocked to output information, and how it can be brought back into the normal mode of functioning,

- how to protect your subconscious from clogging and the formation of psychosomatic diseases,

- understand why we are sick or have problems in society

- learn how to properly enter the subconscious by a well-defined algorithm.

This is not meditation, not relaxation and not hypnosis, it is conscious work with your consciousness in the structure of the subconscious. This is aerobatics, which can be mastered by a person who has undergone special training in our technologies.

At the seminar, we will teach the algorithm of entering your subconscious for solving various human problems.

For example, why do we get sick, because we constantly put the disease program inside on the information component of our DNA. This refers to the same psychosomatic diseases that we talked about.

At the seminar, we will teach you how to reprogram yourself by working with your consciousness in your subconscious and the ability to bring in those programs that are necessary for a person to solve their problems.

First you need to understand it, and then start doing it.

We are waiting for you at the seminar, which is possible to attend on-line from anywhere in the world, after preliminary registration and payment.

Venue to be specified.

Contact telephones:

School CK, Ireland: tel. 0851738975 Marina Isachenko

London: M. Bezan +447706970347 (on-line connection available).


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