Psychological services
Psychological services

HELP - It is different

In our school you can get professional help of a psychologist.

Margarita Bezanidou, a member of the International Professional Psychotherapeutic League is welcome personally. Her 35 years of experience in different countries can work with the problems in any area of human life.

download.png In M.Bezanidou were not only treatment, but also training people completely different professions and skills: leading experts in the field of homeopathy, professional massage therapists, teachers and scientists. In recent years, more and more people began to address business and the doctors themselves who are interested in expanding their operations and management capabilities and mastery of protective mechanisms in society. In all spheres of human activity, there are problems. A man, no matter how professional he was not in his field, sooner or later comes to understanding that it can not solve them or deal with them. And in these cases, we help everyone who turns to us with your questions.

Knowledge and practical experience of M. Beza successfully solve issues related to the problems of not only the health and psyche, but also in terms of interpersonal relationships, social and financial spheres of human life.

On the basis of our knowledge, we give personal and family recommendations, as well as specific practical methods of interaction with people in society. Our patients not only solve problems, but also they can acquire knowledge by means of which can provide real help not only their loved ones, and anyone. Today you are patient, and tomorrow to ask us for help - a person with a serious base of energy-knowledge and a wide range of possibilities.

Psychological services in our school is very versatile. They include the conclusion of any state of mental imbalance: deep psychological clamps (blocks in the subconscious), alcoholism, syndromes of fear, uncertainty, loss of meaning in life. We have successfully derive the people of the suicidal state, helplessness and hopelessness.

People turn to us with problems of loneliness, of incompatibility with your partner and family problems. It is solved quite successfully in the presence of our knowledge and techniques that we possess.

Examples of psychological problems that come to us

- Obsessive thoughts. How to get rid of?

- Why I do not like myself?

- Depending on the person.

- I want to return to his wife, family.

- Relationship with hostile people.

- Wrong sleep. Nightmares.

- I really want to keep the family together, but it does not work.

- Management of aggression and fear.

- Resistance.

- Forgive or discontinue.

- Not going well personal life. Husband passed away.

- To me that is not right .

- I do not know what to do .

- How to stop "burn" your life?

- I can not make the right decision

- Bad at heart ...

- I help you

If you have questions or problems in the resolution that you want to get help, you can ask them both in person and on the communication on-line from anywhere in the world.

On our site you can ask a question or problem you are interested contact us via our contact details. Because every situation is always a way out, you only need to start moving in the direction of its solution.