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From 23.03-28.03.2018 the C.K. School conducts field work in Germany, Düsseldorf
From 23.03-28.03.2018 the C.K. School conducts field work in Germany, Düsseldorf, Issum.

24.03.18 and 25.03.18 Two seminars on different subjects will be held.

On all days we can also carry out diagnosis, counselling and therapy.
The entry and attendance for individual counselling and diagnosis is mandatory once agreed upon.




In our centre, successful work is carried out to select partners based on their energy and psychological parameters. Many men and women are dreaming of creating a strong, full-fledged family that they want to save for the rest of their lives.

 - "Where my one and only?"

 - The question "Why can I not find a partner for myself, and why am I lonely ...?"

 is asked by both men and women.


This is something that everyone is looking for but no one can find. 


Happy New 2018 year!

Dear Friends! Happy New 2018 Year!


Question from the Internet
Valentina P.
Margaret, hello! I'm from Russia and I was diagnosed with Chorea but no one treats Chorea, what do I do?
The School of Cosmic Knowledge
Chorea is usually a hereditary disease transmitted via the genomic code of DNA. It cannot be treated by anyone because of the impossibility of changing the genocode of a single person. For you the main deterrence of progression is to some extent possible with our methods, but the main task in solving this problem lies in changing the automatic commands in the functions of the brain. These commands are given by the human subconscious.



Services the School of Cosmo-knowledge


·         Energo-diagnostics: diagnostics of the human energy field

·         Analysis of the human energo-system using Aura Photography

·         Aura Reading before and after removing negative programmes


The symbiosis of the energo-therapeutic practices and the training on the work with energies:

·         Energo-therapy. Chiropractic. Energo-protection

·         The treatment of a wide range of parasites, fungi and viruses of the physical as well as energetical origin. The powerful modern cleaning mechanisms (advanced methods used in medicine and in the traditional healing)

·         Quantum therapy – a method of removing the ‘disease programme’ - the latest healing technology, which solves an array of health problems and gives the opportunity for the fast healing

Training (in-class and on-line)

·         Dealing with the human genetic codes through the changing of the consciousness condition

·         Healing methods and techniques, including self-healing, developing the ability to solve health 


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