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DNA Activation. What is it and how is it understood esoterically?

In the early 2000's, an American researcher, Dr. Gerard, created and promoted based on the book of Kryon which was published about the same time, the theory of activating sleeping DNA helices. In this activation of DNA, according to his new theory, it is allegedly possible artificially, through a certain influence of prayer, music, or dance to activate dormant and even canned human DNA strands. In fact, the success and promotion of this commercial project turned out only due to a hitting wave of human interest in this topic, the growth of the New Age movement in America. A lot of esotericists were drawn to this topic, many people made money on it.

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By becoming attached to this topic and taking advantage of the lack of understanding and lack of information among people, group initiations and initiations into the activation of human DNA began. As always, a person wants everything at once and now, quickly and effortlessly. Well, the society of consumers manifested itself in full here. 
All those interested in this topic are addicted to this information, dreaming about the instantaneous activation of DNA and the acquisition of super abilities that appear in a person with a change in their genetic code. After some time, the interest was of course diminished, because no one had received any results......



In our School you can listen to most of our videos and recordings for personal development and understanding of the world, as well as reading various articles published by us. However, if you do not know where to start, we suggest you to go through the following points and decide what you want and which of the existing problems you would like to understand.


1. You are alone and cannot find a worthy partner in any way.

2. You are tired that everyone you meet on your way is very far from your own ideals.

3. You have problems in existing relationships.

4. You want to bring to life to your surroundings.

5. You lack emotions, feelings, freedom, self-expression and self-disclosure.

6. You are confused and want to understand yourself.

7. You are tired of the ordinary and want to have more variety in everyday life.

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Recruitment to the group on the study of energy healing techniques begins.

We offer a set of interesting technologies using energy-information knowledge,
which can be applied consciously to achieve the effect of self-healing and putting your energy system in order. Restore lost health, your psyche and energy.
Cosmoenergy technologies are only one of the directions within our training paths.
In addition to this technique, we give you the opportunity to understand and consciously use the LOGOS channel, working through the Christian Egregor, as well as the technology for using the high frequency channels of the Earth. These are combined into blocks (in our program they are called Generators of the Universe).

As groups are formed, online informational webinars and trainings will be organized to which you can connect from anywhere in the world.

 Alternatively, ask us a question via the contact form or via our email


The teachers of humanity who are they?

According to the laws of development envisaged for the entire Universe of the Creator, there are rules or laws by which a person is educated. Their mind and consciousness develops from such rules. For this, Experts always have certain Essences, which are the ‘Masters of Humanity’. Their task is to gradually educate the consciousness in the right evolutionary direction of development according to their program.

For our planet, 54 of them were created. These are field-biological self-developing entities (FBSD), possessing powerful consciousnesses. These field entities are the Teachers of Humanity. Their mission is to train a person for the entire period of their planetary development. As a rule - these are cosmic cycles. They are able to work at all levels of the planetary complex and create field monads and biological matrices. If necessary, they can be materialized in the physical body to carry out certain work, but mostly they always function within the ‘energy’ state.

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These 54 teachers of mankind were created specifically to give a person knowledge, gradually bringing complex things to a person’s understanding by gradual transition from simple to more complex images via multiple complications.

    How does this happen?


QUESTION: Is it possible to purify yourself from the impact of NLP technologies?

QUESTION from a distance learning student:
Modern marketing can also be attributed to aggressive hypnotic influences, often with the use of NLP techniques, do I understand this correctly? And how can we be protected from this? I believe, only a developed consciousness can understand and be aware of this.

NO, this is not always possible. The fact is that the person who is exposed to such informational impacts in the first place is not aware of this, and secondly does not have knowledge on the issue of counteraction to these impact techniques. Even if they have some crumbs of knowledge, they do not correspond with what is actually happening.


The above effect is only removed by high-frequency actions.  ....


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