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QUESTION: Is it possible to purify yourself from the impact of NLP technologies?

QUESTION from a distance learning student:
Modern marketing can also be attributed to aggressive hypnotic influences, often with the use of NLP techniques, do I understand this correctly? And how can we be protected from this? I believe, only a developed consciousness can understand and be aware of this.

NO, this is not always possible. The fact is that the person who is exposed to such informational impacts in the first place is not aware of this, and secondly does not have knowledge on the issue of counteraction to these impact techniques. Even if they have some crumbs of knowledge, they do not correspond with what is actually happening.


The above effect is only removed by high-frequency actions.  ....


Question: What if a person curses someone and repents?

People often function without thinking about the consequences of their actions, feelings and words in communication. The result of illiterate and negative communication can often bring about energy-information damage, which then has an impact on all subsequent life. But time passes, a person begins to understand what they have done wrong, then a question arises, what can we do to make it right?


ANSWER. In Christianity, the mechanism for lifting any curse is through repentance, the deep repentance of a person and the acceptance of the sacrament after confession. After that, the individual has to confirm through their mental actions as well as emotional and behavioural, that they have learned their lesson. The time of the inverse action cannot be analysed and cannot traced by a person, as it is stretched in time. Knowledge about this in churches is not necessarily transmitted to people.



Why do situations repeat in life? And how do you correctly play your role?

In life, the ultimate Creator takes you to your own stage in life.


Many of us do not even think about how to properly learn the lessons of fate, and whether there are rules for these lessons that people need to know. It turns out yes - there are. These are called Cosmic Laws, and if you know them, then you can play with life according to its rules, without getting punished for your 

Each of the people who come to life are inherent to their own program, but few people know that all programs are built on a singular basis - the program for the evolution of consciousness. This applies to those people who come to advance development even through negative programs. It turns out that you can also evolve in the negative space. 

In order to understand such issues, a person needs at least a small knowledge base, ....



24.03.18 Seminar in Germany: "Cosmo Energetics is the science of the future"

 "Cosmo Energetics is the science of the future"  

In this article, we will talk about the practice of Cosmo Energetic as a system of energy therapy and how it is a more complete concept from the standpoint of modern energy-information knowledge. Today we hold a lot of misunderstandings about this method. After 30 years of practical application of the method, people still do not have a conscious attitude and understanding of what kind of knowledge system this is. Why is it still not fully accessible to people?

The transfer of the methodology is still filled with distortions and arguably more so over time. Can this be fixed and how?

To understand the method correctly, you need a slightly different basis of knowledge than just an esoteric approach at the chakra or energy shell levels. The understanding of the method lies far beyond the simple explanation of the structure of man from the standpoint of esoteric knowledge. Everything is much deeper and more serious, and in order to understand this, we need to give you a little knowledge about Cosmogony to understand this energy is, where it comes from, who is behind it all and how you can work on the thin plans with your own minds.


The very method of energy therapy is only a small applied part of a huge layer of knowledge with only a fraction of individuals possessing the ability to understand it. The Earth, is allocated to its own space program which unfortunately has not reached the expected result, which was to be achieved at the end of this period. The reasons are situated at the transfer levels from program to program and the influence of the QuadroVirus, which is the reason for people's involution.


Happy Cosmic Energy day to all of us who are Cosmic Energy (CE) Healers

Happy Cosmic Energy day to all of us who are Cosmic Energy (CE) Healers, to all CE patients, CE friends and all those who are on their way to discover and to enter this unique and wonderful world of Cosmic Energy.

On 22 February 1958 one of the most important Energy investigators world-widely was born - Vladimir Alexandrovich PETROV, the Russian Academician who discovered and applied unique Cosmic Energy Channels in the human lives, health, well-beings, evolution and awareness, in transformation of Karma (negative manifestations in life) into Darma (positive manifestations) , as well as to improve Nature and to assist the Universe in evolution process at all time-lines.

His main dream was to unify humanity on a highest level of awareness and with common intentions to co-create with the Creator, to discover unknown parallel worlds and other dimensions, being in line with the lows of Universe, moral codes and respect to the highest values of visible and invisible worlds.

His great contribution and impact into the Science and Humanity in general will probably be recognised thoroughly, when the Science will confirm and prove all his discoveries, applies not only in energy healing, but also in the field of medicine, quantum physics, information etc.

Основатель Космоэнергетики Петров В.А. и М.Безаниду. Москва 2003г. .jpg

V.A. Petrov was my Teacher, it was my honour and privileged to be his student. Just after his death (5/05/2007), I have sent an email to the Cosmic Energy Centre in Moscow, where Petrov was working for the last years of his life, and I proposed that 22 February - the date of his birthday, to celebrate as the the World Day of Cosmic Energy and those Cosmic Energy Healers who has a channel Anael will activate it during the day.  


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