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QUESTION: - Do you do past life regressions?


- Do you do past life regressions?


- These are very bad practice. You cannot do this. This is a wrong practice. You do not understand what you see, when you are immersed in the hard hypnosis. This is what is called the whaching the programm installation of a person, placed in his subconscious. What a person sees is not his past life. I explain in detail how the subconscious mind works on tuition.


- But if it is possible to regress to see in your past life in a right way?


- Let’s begin with that you haven’t a past life. I explained this to you the diagnosis of the present person in our world - only one life. His conscious is not on that level of development to be saved for a new life. It works in another way and in according to another laws of Creation. These qustions are being explaining to our students.


- I saw myself in the fire and they said that it’s my fault, that the fire happened and somebody died… And now I must work off this.


From March 1 to April 15, 2020 Discounts for Distance Learning
In March, a new enrollment in the Distance Learning group begins.

During the period from March 1 to April 15, everyone can join the group to conduct remote work with them on all types of energy-information technologies. Seminars, trainings, group work and individually from anywhere in the mipra via online communication.

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To be included in the work you need to submit an application on our email
For further work, all students need to have contact with us via Skype (contact request mar5599)
or via the ZOOM video communication system

After submitting an application by e-mail, you will be provided with all the additional information on payment and time spent in the group or individually ..

Head of the School of KZ
 M. Besan

Cosmoenergy technologies – past and present.

Energy therapy method is a small part of a vast plane of knowledge. However, those 99.9% who have managed to gain alliance with energy frequencies and a bit of knowledge, are not able to do much apart from a brief description of frequency functional activity.

In the current approach of practically all schools, which teach about cosmoenergy technology in various directions, nobody teaches about the Universe and its levels. However, it is the bases for teaching about practises of cosmoenergy technologies.

 Our school start introduction from consecutive correction of existing knowledge through a planned complication of information blocks. This is the only way of correction of a false understanding of the world creation and one can obtain the correct knowledge about all the processes and forces operating in our planet.

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Knowledge of the Hartman grid is available to everyone today.

Hartman's sect is the energetic points of tension on the surface of the earth.

Any planet in space has certain energy points on its surface, which are called the geo-pathogenic zones (GPZs). People today know that staying at such a place or territory for a long time can be accompanied by deterioration of health, distortion of the spatial-temporal continuum and various sensations of displacement in the surrounding space.

This doesn't concern just Earth. This is how all the planets in our solar system, as well as the entire material universe of the Creator, are arranged. This is the so-called 'cosmic mechanics' of building material planetary complexes in the Universe.


At one time this was a closed subject, but work was being conducted in the United States and the USSR. Especially a lot of work on this topic appeared when skyscrapers were built in America. it turned out that it was impossible to simply block this glowing point of certain radiations. Neither the reinforced concrete structure, nor the metal....

Why do many esotericists talk about the need to get out of baptism in order to receive“ pure energy ”?

QUESTION:  from internet  02.2019

 “Why do many esotericists talk about the need to get out of baptism in order to receive“ pure energy ”?


To get out of baptism  - does not mean that you can just acquire pure energy from the higher planes. To get out of baptism  in itself does not mean anything. Getting and delivering clean energy from higher levels of the planetary complex comes first of all from a change of consciousness, and not from come out of baptism

In order to carry such energy, it is necessary, first of all, to correct the basis of your worldview, which makes it possible to consciously exist in this world. In esoterics, this is called having a high spiritual component. 

Understanding what this entails is not that simple either.

 Let's try to explain this. 

A highly developed human consciousness allows us to accumulate information in the matrix and emit higher-frequency vibrations from of our entire matrix system.

After the accumulation of high-frequency energy throughout the whole human energy system, additional energy will begin to rise upward to the brain structures along the central energy channel. It is possible to deliver more energy to the brain structures, and only in this case the brain can increase its energy intensity and maintain such potential for an increased (but not constant) amount of time. In Christianity, this is called 'achieving a state of spiritual ecstasy'. 

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The brain can vibrate at higher frequency characteristics and connect to cleaner energy, but this is not present at all times. This cannot happen via baptism alone...........


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