Vibration and pulsation therapy

The secret gate to health and the young of human

A complex approach to health healing such as a combined use of the visceral, vacuum and vibration therapies, in conjunction with the psychosomatic therapy, is very hard to find in the UK. Uniquely, in our center (The School of Cosmic Knowledge) we manage to successfully practice the method of a complex/combined use of a number of different healing techniques. Therefore today, in this article, we will talk about the method, which can be called - the key to solving all problems of man.
This method is especially topical and useful for people, who do not want to develop their consciousness to a level, where they would be able to heal themselves independently, with use of the energo-informational technology. For those people and all others, we have developed the certain techniques, which allow us to provide a quick and comprehensive help, to assist people in many aspects of their lives, simultaneously. For example, we can help you to: remove fatigue and depression, clean the entire organism, correct your body shape, cure disease, ‘postpone/delay’ aging, restore a sense of youth and desire to live. This can be achieved by combined use of the vacuum and pulsation therapies with application of cups/banks, and additionally, with the help of the psychological correction, which is conducted by a specialist-psychologist during the course of a treatment. Thus, during a treatment session is held the analysis of the causes of a disease, in order to raise conscious awareness in this regard. A conscious realization of what is the cause of a disease, allows a person to cure chronic diseases.

How to solve the problems of a loss of will power, clouding of consciousness and inner fatigue

Recently, more and more people come to us with the following problems: ‘narrowing of consciousness’ and a loss of inner strength and meaning of life. In this article we will try to give you an explanation of these processes and show the possible ways out of these problems.
Today, one of the most topical problems for people – is ‘clouding of consciousness’. It becomes more difficult to think and make a step forward in the adoption of any decision. Everyone has the problems of inner loneliness and lack of strength. It is no longer a matter of just individual cases. It has become a mass phenomenon. The fact of inadequacy of people is becoming more obvious and increasingly noticeable. Moreover, it concerns not just people somewhere, far away, but very close ones - people around you. If this problem has become a mass phenomenon, then there must be a reason for it. Is not it? Indeed, nothing in this world happens without a reason, so let's examine this question, as always, taking into consideration the energo-informational knowledge. This will help you to understand better where the ‘traps’ and pitfalls lie in people’s lives. Also, how people fall under the influence of negativity, which lead them to slow destruction of personality, consciousness, physical body, and consequently, destruction of their fate/destiny.

How to loss of will power?